Transform any space into your own oasis. Ivy allows you to add a touch of green to any space in a simplistic yet elegant way. MBM Grass wants to explore with you the opportunities of making a project stand out above all. With different artificial grass and ivy combinations, our goal is to approach any given project with a minimalistic mindset to provide peace and comfort.

Ivy is a the newest element to an ever growing demand for making spaces look fresh and green. Our team will deliver a professional and elegant result which will immediately have a positive impact on people.

MBM Grass is a professional installer and supplier of Ivy in Florida. We offer design consulting for effective project execution. Our team will guarantee striking results and the most comprehensive project management.


  • UV Coated
  • Maintenance Free
  • Clean and Safe
  • Elegant and Natural


  • Office buildings (internal and external)
  • Private Homes and Gardens
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Condominiums, Hotels and Bars
  • Schools and Educational Centers