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History of Artificial Grass

At MBM Grass , we like to keep our audience informed. Take a look at the interesting history of Artificial Turf.
Artificial Turf was first used in 1966 at the Houston Astrodome, as a solution for the lack of sunlight that the Multipurpose Stadium Dome generated to the grass. While the dome allowed games to be played with any kind of weather, the sun could not reach the grass, making it impossible for it to grow. Researchers from Monsanto created an artificial grass called Astro Turf. This was a surface of synthetic fiber that looked just like natural grass. It was first installed on a Baseball field, but then implemented for American Football, Field Hockey, and even Soccer fields.
First generations of artificial grass containing short-pile fibers without infill, offered advantages compared to real grass but the technology used to create it was basic and soon the grass would have to be replaced or fixed.
Second generation of artificial grass implemented improvements in firmness with sand infill, better quality fiber and created a much similar look and feel to real grass.
Today, third generation of synthetic turf includes recycled rubber mixed with sand as infill, creating a long lasting synthetic grass.
Since the first use of artificial turf in the Houston Astrodome, many other sport fields imitated the idea, and today not only sports use synthetic turf. Residential and commercial use is very common. The benefits and cost savings make many to decide to install it creating an ever-lasting green and clean area.
Modern artificial grass has great environmental benefits, specially today when water preservation is a priority for most people, even in Florida. The lawn doesn’t need constant watering or maintenance and it remains as an ever-looking green lawn.
MBM Grass is one of the biggest artificial grass wholesale companies for commercial and residential use in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, helping more and more clients to enjoy the benefits of artificial grass.

Artificial Grass for Dogs and Pets

MBM Grass is an international supplier and installer of artificial grass Florida. With headquarters in Miami, Florida, we specialize in synthetic turf for residential, commercial, sports and other indoor / outdoor surfaces.

One of our specialty artificial grass types is artificial grass for dogs and pets areas. We carry 3 different artificial turf options for this type of use. These are ideal for dog parks and other residential areas. Dogs will feel right at home and owners

Dogs will feel right at home and owners won’t have to invest excessive amounts of money in maintenance. As a solution to an ongoing water shortage, MBM Grass offers artificial grass for dogs at an affordable price, with real like features, and a hassle-free artificial grass installation process.

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