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Artificial Grass Installation Procedure
The artificial grass installation work will vary according to the construction size and requirement of each project. Generally, it can be done within a few hours. For more information see below.

Artificial Grass installation projects start at $3.95 per square feet:

This includes:comparasion

  • Ground work
  • Materials
  • Artificial Turf
  • Labor
  • Joint Tape for Artificial Grass

MBM Grass offers you the possibility to complete an all round artificial grass installation for an affordable price.

Artificial Grass Installation

  1. Strip out all natural grass as well as vegetation within the area to be laid with MBM Grass. Weed the field
  2. Compact the sub base.
  3. Lay out the artificial grass roll over the sub base according to the measurement plan.
  4. Trim edges of grass rolls using a craft knife.
  5. Fold the trimmed edges of two artificial grass carpets up 20-30cm. Put the 20cm width joint tape on the field base but under and in the center of the seaming of two artificial grass carpets.
  6. Pour the glue on the joint tape for artificial grass uniformly and spread the glue over the surface with doctor blade.
  7. Let the glue dry naturally for a while (but not totally dry), then put down the edges. (Be sure that NO grass yarn stick to the joining tape).
  8. When the glue is almost dry, send workers to step on the seaming and edges repeatedly, to make sure that the edges and the joint tape are totally stick together.
  9. Sprinkle the quartz sand on the field and spread it uniformly (Use Small tractor-hopper if possible). Brush the field carefully by floor brush to let the sand fall into the root of artificial grass yarns.
  10. Done!
  11. Contact us to get a free estimate on your artificial grass installation project.

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